Freeware Product Recommendation: Webcam to GIF

January 19, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

Create animated GIFs using your Mac's webcam and post to your favorite social sites.

Create animated GIFs using your Mac's webcam and post to your favorite social sites.

Webcam to GIF is freeware and works with Mac OSX. Download and install will include Adobe® AIR™. Also, you will need a webcam installed on your computer system.

Install and launch the program, Webcam to GIF converter. See yourself on your webcam in the image window on the left side of the dialog screen. The default size is 160 px x 120 px, but a size with more detail and better visibility is 320 x 240.

Click on “Capture Image” multiple times, changing your position or expression each time. You will see the series of captured images in the image window on the right side of the dialog screen.

Use the controls to view the individual frames of the animation. You can delete an individual frame that you don’t like in the series. You can adjust the number of loops of the animation, the image quality, and the frame delay. Click on “Save” to name and save your animated GIF, being sure to type-in the “.gif” extension after your file name. (You can also create standard non-animated GIFs by saving a single frame.) Before you begin to create another one be sure to “Clear All Frames”.

Then post and share on your social networking site, post onto your web site, or send by email. The fun and possibilities are endless.

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