Inspired Follower

January 26, 2010

By Janet Dodrill

On Twitter, I follow a charming lady, Ms. Ivy Bean, age 104 ( She lives in a nursing home in England and has fish and chips every Friday, and shares what she is doing. Her icon shows a picture of her and someone who she admires, Peter who is a talk show host, and who interviewed her. Ivy is upbeat and has a lot of fans. When she is not feeling well, her nursing staff reports her condition to her Twitter followers. One time she reported that the nurses made angels in the snow outside. Who says that social media is for young people? I think they mean ‘young at heart’. I don’t know much about Ivy Bean except that her tweets brighten my day and make me smile, and she seems happy to have connected with others, who each have their own story too. It can make our world so much bigger.