Antiques & Collectibles: A Big Industry

By Janet Dodrill

Royal Doulton Lady in Purple Dress Figurine

Royal Doulton Lady in Purple Dress Figurine

Recently, I have been exposed to the antiques and collectibles auction industry, and it is a bigger industry than I thought. First, I told myself I must not beat myself up for giving away or nearly giving away antiques and old family items in the past. I did not know then what I know now, and that these items may have been of value.

Seeing an item for auction triggers an emotional response in the viewer on a variety of levels. If it is an antique item, it may remind them of something they saw in their mother’s or grandmother’s house, or when they were growing up. It may be an item they do not already have in their collection that they would like to obtain. It could be that the viewer likes the thrill of winning and therefore keeps bidding on the item until the bitter end.

There are hundreds of auction companies throughout the country (and world) who draw consignors to sell their merchandise at regularly scheduled times of the year. Some auction houses have themed auctions (i.e. glass, Americana, memorabilia, estates, fine art, sports, dolls, etc.) and some have general auctions (i.e. antiques) or specialize in particular types (i.e. auction houses only selling movie posters).

Auction companies draw good followings. There are buyers and collectors that follow favorite ones or find out when items of interest are up for auction at other auctions.

Live online auction

Live online auction

The more I learn about the auctions, the more auction companies I see are out there. With the luxury of online auctions and bidding, one can bid and purchase items while the ‘live’ auction is going on, in the comfort of their home, but the excitement is still there.


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