Seeing More of Someone After They Have Gone

March 20, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

everett lewis dodrill jr 1950s

Everett Lewis Dodrill, Jr., 1950s

Why is it we learn so much more about people after they go? You’ve probably heard the expression that an artist (the same may be the case for authors, musicians, composers, and other creative people) never really get famous till after death! Since my dad, Everett Dodrill, died earlier this month, we have pieced together many more facts about his life. People have provided us photos and stories of their encounters with “Ev”. Now I’ve gone from proud to really proud. We wish we knew some of these facts when he was alive to let him know just how wonderful he was and how good a life he had lead. We also heard his life’s story according to him in his final months–what a treasured time to hold onto. People are more complex than we see day-to-day. Have you gotten to know your elders and their accomplishments? What about past generations in your family?

Some information about my father can be found at:

Everett Lewis Dodrill, Jr., Brown-Forward, Cleveland, Ohio

March 9 Post: Everett Dodrill – 1926-2011 by Kelly Ferjutz

Everett Dodrill appeared on local stages and stations, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio