‘Craigslist Helper’ Enhances User Experience, Adds Efficiency

June 27, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

craigslist helper

Craigslist Helper is a free browser extension.

A powerful browser extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, called Craigslist Helper.

I have been using it regularly in Firefox for a few months and absolutely enjoy using it, and want it on every computer I use!

For ads that post images, the images are viewable without clicking on each ad. Also, you can preview the ads without clicking on and opening them. This means you can skim the ads much quicker and save time.

Other features of the product include the ability to add notes to an ad, and bookmarking adds to see them all together. Designate which ads to remove from view to keep your search results lean. Get alerts when something matching your recent search term is posted. Fine tune your look and feel!

Above all the good things about it, is that it’s FREE. See other features, sample screens, and download it at www.ziink.com.

Art Festivals Inspire!

June 22, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

A Few Appealing Upcoming Festivals:

Art on the NDC Circle
Sat. June 25, 10am-7pm, Sun. June 26, 11am-5pm
(free admission)

The Larchmere Festival
Sat. July 2, 2011
(free admission)

Cain Park Arts Festival
Fri. 3-8pm (free admission), Sat. July 9, 10am-8pm ($5), Sun. July 10, 12-5pm ($5)