Photo-Editing Applications To Try

May 29, 2011

Article Review by Janet Dodrill

Do you work with digital images and need a photo editing software? Recently, I read a informative article on photo editors (Maine Antique Digest, May 2011, “Photo Editors” by John P. Reid) which, suggests good less-expensive alternatives to industry leader Adobe Photoshop, for under $100 or even free. The free photo editors are used online through your web browser, and they are:

Pixlr (
FotoFlexer (
Free Online Photo Editor ( (
MyTheme Animator (
piZap (
Splashup (
flauntR (

Traditional software-based installed photo editors include:

Google Picassa 3 (
Adobe Photoshop Elements ($99.99, currently only $69.99 – Enter code ELEMENT11 at checkout.) (
Corel Paintshop Photo Pro ($99.99, currently only $39.99) (

The author of the article recommends that last two mentioned. Photo editors in different price ranges are reviewed at TenTopReviews (