Interpretations 100, New Orleans Drawing Group Exhibit

July 14, 2022

By Janet Dodrill

I am honored to participate in an online exhibit, and to be a part of a very talented group of artists at New Orleans Drawing Group. You can click on my name to see my artwork that was selected for inclusion.

INTERPRETATIONS 100: New Orleans Drawing Group Zoom – the first 100 weeks. INTERPRETATIONS 100 Online Exhibition celebrates NODG Zoom’s Creative Community, built through the COVID Pandemic. It is a compilation of artwork created during weekly 3 hour Zoom Life Drawing sessions. Our membership has grown from a handful of local artists to an international creative community of all skill levels in a range of disciplines. Together, NODG members have weathered changing times in a supportive, engaging environment that fosters creative expression for artists and models alike. The exhibition, throughout 6 virtual galleries, represents over 250 artworks by 49 Artists inspired by 37 models.

new orleans drawing group

martina by janet dodrill interpretations 100 exhibit

harry by janet dodrill interpretations 100 exhibit

Artwork by Janet Dodrill, INTERPRETATIONS 100 Online Exhibit, New Orleans Drawing Group


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Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

July 20, 2013

By Janet Dodrill

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog painting

George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog painting at Rodrigue Studio in Carmel, California.

On a recent trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, I found the art gallery Rodrigue Studio gallery, exclusively of the work of George Rodrigue.

Known primarily for his ‘Blue Dog’ paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolors; also drawings and mixed media) and limited edition prints (lithography, silkscreen, and serigraph), the George Rodrigue web site has a timeline, indicating that the first Blue Dog was painted in 1984, but prior to that the artist originally painted Cajun culture-themed works and Louisiana landscapes.

Rodrigue Studio, Carmel, CA.

Rodrigue Studio, Carmel, CA.

Initially, he used a photograph of his own deceased dog as reference, and since then, sometimes incorporates figures and landscapes with the dogs into the work. Early blue dog paintings were not yet called Blue Dog until they became more popular in the early 1990s.

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog mixed media artwork at Rodrigue

George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog mixed media artwork at Rodrigue Studio in Carmel, California.

Where else do you expect to see a painting of Clint Eastwood but in Carmel, California, at the Rodrigue Studio, in the city where he used to be mayor? Believed to be from his 2013 Hollywood Stars series, it is done in archival ink on metal, at 41 x 62 inches.

The gallery representative was friendly and outgoing, and allowed me to enjoy the whimsical work without pressure, making the experience fun and memorable – even allowing me to take photographs and offering to take one of me next to a painting.

Blue Dog books that have sold by the hundreds of thousands, calendars, and notecards are available on

George Rodrigue Blue Dog painting.

George Rodrigue Blue Dog painting.

What is the attraction to these paintings? They are unique and spark the imagination. Rodrigue painting reap high prices. Two sold recently at New Orleans Auction Galleries, Inc. – the  36″ x 48″ oil on canvas “My Yellow  Oak” had a hammer price of $80,000, and the 14″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas “Blue Dog and Cypress” had a hammer price of $22,000, which doesn’t include the 23% buyer’s premium. Aside from inquiring about these works directly from Rodrigue Studio galleries (Carmel, CA, Lafayette, LA, and New Orleans, LA) and possibly at other art galleries, they are available on upcoming auctions at Additionally, I found several of his paintings and prints for sale at

Next time I am in Layfatte, I would like to sit and eat Cajun cuisine at Blue Dog Café, which George has visited, surrounded by walls of a private collection of Blue Dog Art!

Business card from Rodrigue Studio, Carmel, CA.

Business card from Rodrigue Studio, Carmel, CA.

Gallery One Offers Art & Technology Interactivity at Cleveland Museum of Art

February 22, 2013

By Janet Dodrill

Gallery One Image Touch Screen Wall

Gallery One’s Image Touch Screen Wall, at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Like art and technology? The recently opened Gallery One at Cleveland Museum of Art offers something for the whole family.

A room with a giant wall touch screen allows you to hand-pan through over 3,500

gallery one make a face kiosk

Gallery One’s Make a Face kiosk, matches art up to your facial expression.

images from the museum’s world-renowned permanent collection. The experience is enriching, and categories and themes of art are visually presented and refreshed often. I was informed by a tour guide that each touch tile cost $8,000 and it is the only one of its kind in the country. One of the tiles was pulled off the wall for us to see the light source and electronics behind it. We were ensured that the wall screen is wiped down twice daily for cleanliness!

gallery oneapplication matches your gesture to art

Gallery One’s application matches your gesture to art.

Draw any shape in the Studio Play exploring room on a kiosk called ‘Line and Shape’, and it visually pairs-up and displays a museum object using that shape, whether it’s an edge of a ceramic vase, or a design in a tapestry.

‘Make a Face’ lets you make a face in front of a kiosk which is shot by a web cam, and

gallery one clay vessel creation simulation

Gallery One’s clay vessel creation simulation.

is matched to a face in the museum’s collection and displays them side by side. The same idea is used in making a body gesture by standing in front of the screen. A sculpture with a similar pose appears next to your image.

On the same kiosk, use the touch screen and take a slab of clay and roll it, cut it and create a vessel.

gallery one touch technology

Gallery One’s image touch technology wall.

Bring your iPad or rent one there for $5 (the rentals use a great iPad case called GripCase, available at the museum gift shop or online), and run the ArtLens free app (iOS only). You can download it at the app store prior to your visit, and enjoy information and videos about the Gallery One collection even if off-site. Utilize it there and get assigned a special plastic disc with a micro-chip to pair your tablet up with the touch wall. Scroll through images with your hand on the wall and find your favorites. Press a heart shape under that image and it will save it to your iPad in a favorites list. Then your iPad allows you to share those images by email or social media, or create a custom tour which can be saved and viewed later, which includes detailed information about those particular works of art.

gallery one near you now app feature

Gallery One’s near you now app feature.

gallery one artlens app gives information on art

Gallery One’s ArtLens app gives information on art.

Travel around the room in the Gallery One exhibit (I was told photo-taking works on your iPad is allowed here), use ArtLens to let your device show you where you are in the exhibit using the ‘Near You Now’ feature. Hold up your tablet lens to a work of art, and your app will bring up a detailed description of that work of art which may include audio or video. Don’t want to use an iPad? There is a floor kiosk in each area of the Gallery One exhibit floor to allow you to call-up more information on the art you are standing near, or interact by taking polls. Works in this exhibit include works by Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Viktor Schreckengost, Giovanni Panini, and Chuck Close.

a gallery one interactive kiosk

A Gallery One interactive kiosk.

See all this and even more attractions at this wonderful art and technology-based interactive gallery. Also on your trip there, enjoy the space in the new atrium, visit the restaurant, and explore the fabulous new museum store.

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