Artists Draw Artists in Online Charity Fundraiser

November 30, 2022

By Janet Dodrill

After participating in several online drawing groups with other artists where we sketch from paid life models, it has also become popular for artists to sketch other artists in organized sessions. Many are called Draw Eachother, where people pose for 15 minutes for a portrait.

I participated in one on November 29, 2022 called, Draw Me Draw You, with the Scottish Borders Life Drawing Club (@scottishborderslifedrawingclub on Instagram), with proceeds going to Unicef to help children in the Ukraine. And, I was one of eight artists chosen to pose for a portrait, aside from drawing too. It was a lot of fun posing and seeing the results. Additionally, I got to meet and draw several other artists.

Here are a few of the fabulous portraits drawn of me by other talented artists from the fundraiser, showing a variety of styles and artistic approaches.

Portrait by artist, Baba Kre.

Portrait by artist, Yuji Sakuma.

Portrait by artist, Margo Volterra.

Portrait by artist, Lena Meyer.

Portrait by artist, Jeremy Kuhn.

Portrait by artist, Faye Stephens.

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