The Inktober Pledge

October 3, 2017

By Janet Dodrill

This October I took the Inktober pledge!

The Inktober Initiative was the idea of Jake Parker, established illustrator, to commit to ink drawing practice everyday for the month of October. Started in 2009, the event is practiced by artists around the world, and has official rules and daily idea prompt list to follow. Ink drawings are to be posted to social media on a regular basis using the this year’s hashtags, #inktober and #inktober2017.

I am posting my Inktober drawings to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. I enjoy being part of this creative endeavor and all 31 drawings will be posted here as the month progresses. This gives me the opportunity to practice sketching and drawing.

To learn more about Inktober, see Jake Parker’s website at

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art supplies

Bought some new art supplies to add to my art box for Inktober! #PerfectExcuse

Ink drawing by Janet Dodrill, day 1, word: swift

Ink drawing, day 1, word: swift

Ink drawing by Janet Dodrill, day 2, word: divided

Ink drawing, day 2, word: divided

Ink drawing by Janet Dodrill, day 3, word: poison

Ink drawing, day 3, word: poison


Creating Art with an iPad

March 9, 2014

By Janet Dodrill

iPad drawing by Janet Dodrill.

iPad drawing by Janet Dodrill.

Drawing is something I have always loved, and trained for in fine arts school. Then came the computer and I learned the creative electronic tools to make a living as a graphic designer. Along came the iPad and I avoided it primarily because of the expense, saving for two years to afford one. After the purchase, again, I avoided it. In my mind it was not enough like the computer and required learning to use it. I didn’t really know what to do with it or what it could be used for. A year and a half later, I now pick it up regularly to reconnect with my love for drawing. After installing some art Apps, I began using them. I hope to keep practicing and improving my (digital) drawing skills. I know now that both drawing and working with the iPad do take practice! The key for me, like working towards anything worthwhile in life, is to keep practicing.

I will be briefly sharing some of my work and the tools used for it at an upcoming presentation later this month:

Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group
“A Quick Tour of Art Apps for iPad”
Speakers: Nancy Aikins. Henry Lee, Janet Dodrill, Marvin Sable
Thursday, March 27, 2014
New Horizons Computer Learning Center
1 Infinity Corp Ctr. Dr., #250
Cleveland, OH 44125
Free for CDPUG members, $10 for guests
Networking at 6pm, Meeting at 6:30 – 8pm
More information: