Buy/Sell Art Images Online

March 28, 2015

By Janet Dodrill

Artists, Photographers, Designers! Are you selling your images online? There’s a community online of people selling their images at I created a shop at and am still adding to it. A variety of items are available for purchase from each image and pricing can be determined, plus, the rights to the images remain your own. Up to 25 images can be posted for free. does the rest, output of the image, any matting and framing or assemblage, shipping and billing. And satisfaction guaranteed!

In addition to unframed prints and matted and framed prints, my shop offers images on greeting cards, metal or acrylic, pillows and iPhone cases. Visit my shop, or browse and get inspired! You can even create a shop of your own.

Profile page and art images at

Profile page and art images at

Be Your Best in Business

August 26, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

Are you doing everything you can to grow a successful business? By being self-employed, doing some things could put you in a better position to get work, grow your business, and acquire and retain the right employees. Katherine Miracle of Miracle Resources gave an inspiring presentation tonight to CDPUG members at Virginia Marti College of Art & Design on Cleveland’s west side. Her best advice is to read the book, “The Successful Business Plan”, by Rhonda Abrams.

A few things covered were, that, as business owners, we need: money to start the business, a good networking source, self-confidence, and a role model/mentor. Also, we need an accountant and attorney to stay legal. When selling our company and services, we need to inform what sets us apart from the competition and state how the potential customer could benefit by using us. Do we have an operations plan for the business, in case we are away, so things can run as usual? What criteria do we have for hiring, and are we prepared to resolve internal employee-related problems, as well as client-related problems?

How much profit are we making on projects and are we tracking our income and expenses monthly? Do we have money set aside for a business emergency, and are we always asking for a deposit on projects, and/or receiving progress payments?

It may be a good idea to communicate regularly with your client to give them a project status, even if it is in a short email. Build alliances with other designers in the event of overflow work to subcontract out or accept in.

Review projects well to avoid mistakes and to keep costs in check.

Stay flexible with this economy and be prepared to reinvent yourself and your offerings to stay appealing and relevant. Get opinions and feedback.

Most importantly, be good to yourself and get what you need each day, and each week. This will help you to be the best you can.

Get a Users Group

July 29, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

Do you belong to a computer users group or attend relevant training presentations or seminars? It is a great way to meet other industry professionals and keep your skills sharp. I attend regularly, and have made strong contacts in the local graphic design and publishing field. Plus, I enjoy the diversity of people and topics. This month I learned about producing digital sound recordings on a laptop using Garage Band and about other recording applications and equipment. Next month I will see an Adobe Creative Suite presentation with 4 Adobe speakers, and gain tips on running a successful business at another upcoming event. Some of my favorite groups include:

Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG)

Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG)


The Web Association

Simplex-IT Lucheanars

Check the calendar for area meetings at Cleveland Tech Events