Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong, Sage Lewis

April 28, 2016

By Janet Dodrill

In an energetic presentation titled “Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong” by Sage Lewis, given at The Web Association on April 19, 2016 at COSE in Cleveland, we were introduced to Google’s new RankBrain algorithm and other recent changes.

Sage Lewis is author of bestseller “Link Building is Dead. Long Live Link Building” and president of Sagerock.com, a digital marketing agency in Akron, Ohio.

According to Sage, the current most important factors for the ranking of Google’s search engine results are Content, and Links (link pointing), and now Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

RankBrain is Google’s new artificial intelligence machine that helps it process information to rank in search results. Previously at Google, humans taught machines how to interpret search data, but this machine teaches itself! It gives us the results it thinks humans want! Can this be entirely accurate?

Ultimately, he stressed, that the best way to be found online by Google and draw people in was to show love and passion for your business by expressing it through compelling content, such as relevant text, pictures, video, and use of social media like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Live, and others, which could help you to create a unique story.

Another change by Google, we were informed, is the elimination of side ads. This is for mobile device responsiveness. According to Sage, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. All ads are now in the regular location which is at the top of the main search results (and the increased ad purchase price brings in more money for Google). This may make things more difficult for small businesses to promote their products or services.

It was mentioned that a good way to get a small business noticed online is to setup a local business at Google.com/business. Also, before optimizing your site for SEO check Google to see who the competition is. Maybe consider a different angle or emphasis on your goods in order to stand out in a less saturated arena.

Sage co-hosts a live web cast Thursday at 3:15 p.m. ET called “The Tools”  where many social media tools and ways to market your product or business are discussed. One recent tool he shared with us is the ability to now live stream on Facebook. This is a free way to draw in an audience and promote your business!

Sage Lewis of SageRock.com, digital marketing agency in Akron, Ohio.

Sage Lewis of SageRock.com, digital marketing agency in Akron, Ohio.

Resource Links:

SageRock, Inc.

The Tools

The Web Association

How do I share a live video on Facebook?
To start a live broadcast from your personal Timeline.

Get your business hours, phone number, and directions on Google Search and Maps — with Google My Business.

Sage Lewis engages the audience at The Web Association.

Sage Lewis engages the audience at The Web Association.

Sage Lewis discussed Google's RankBrain algorithm.

Sage Lewis discussed Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

Three most important things for Google search engine ranking.

Three most important things for Google search engine ranking.

COSE in Cleveland, Ohio.

COSE in Cleveland, Ohio.

Social Media Identity Standards

July 20, 2012

By Janet Dodrill

Are you promoting your business product or service using social media, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or other sources? I sure hope so. Did you know that most these social networking sites have their own identity guidelines? Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest recently changed their logo icons and we should be using what they and others are providing to us. Here are links to some of the social media sites branding resources:

Twitter’s marks include, but are not limited to, the Twitter name, logo, Tweet, Twitter bird, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Twitter’s products.

This section explains our guidelines regarding the use of Facebook’s logos and other trademarks.

Use the corporate logo below to promote LinkedIn when discussing the LinkedIn Professional Network, as a whole.

Logo and number one button icon.

The below vector versions of our logo and badge are available for you to link to Pinterest.

You can look up the official pages for other social networking sites in your favorite search engine.

Does Your Site Count (to Google)?

November 5, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

eyesIn attendance at The Web Association’s “What is up at Google? Panda? Google + ?” November 4, 2011 meeting, industry-knowlegeable speakers brought up thought-provoking issues like Google’s May 2011 blog post “More guidance on building high-quality sites” which, in addition to discussing the Panda algorithm search rankings release, lists questions for criteria for, according to Google, what counts as a high-quality site . Can the material be considered trusted, and is the material the sort of thing you would bookmark or share with a friend? Is the content original or does it offer insight on the topic? Would you expect to see the information printed in a publication? These rules may be in attempt to help to reduce ranking importance put on web content farms (sites with redundant article topics and content) created by web scrapers who repurpose article content and create links from web pages and sites not their own. Also discussed at the presentation was, when you write an article it is helpful to target your keywords on each given web page (instead of loading it with too many unrelated keywords), and then to post it to the web and submit it to one article site (a few include: Ezine Articles, Ski Doo, A1 Article, HubPages, etc.).

Are you utilizing the Google “+ 1” button feature on your sites and in your profiles when available?

Do you use the Google Chrome browser (now more popular than Firefox), or Google Analytics for web stats? They are both evolving with added social sharing tools.

Are you sharing all you can across all your sites? Today’s web is fed by user visibility. Google is ever-improving its search engine speed, as it increases its awareness of its users, and strives to define users on the web to better improve their web products.

On Google +? This may be the next large social platform to encompass our multiple lines of web communications, according to one speaker.

Want a fun break-up to your day? Mashable recently posted 10 hidden Google tricks which are revealed in their article Beyond Barrel Roll: 10 Hidden Google Tricks and include some entertaining surprises.

Have You Been Googled or Googled It?

August 1, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

When I first heard of the search engine Google in 2000 I thought it had a funny name, and was reluctant to use anything other than reliable Yahoo!. Now it is a daily tool I use as a real-time help desk for any inquiry I have.

I have met people at professional events and then the next time we connected they have said, “I Googled you!”, which really meant they searched for information about me. What may have sounded a bit like stalking years ago, is now a practical and almost necessary means of research about any individual, business, event, activity, article, or topic of today. Most of the time I find valuable information that increases or enhances my knowledge.

When confronted with a question which I may not have the best answer, or any answer to, the first thing I do or say is to “Google it”.

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January 1, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

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