Antique Trader Magazine features Terry Kovel and Kovels’ 2023 Price Guide

December 1, 2022

By Janet Dodrill

The November 15, 2022 issue of Antique Trader magazine features the 55th edition of Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2023, and Kovels ( business owner, Terry Kovel. 

I took the photograph of Terry Kovel for the magazine cover and an inside picture of her holding a teapot. 

Terry is my boss at Kovels and I have been very involved with the book for 12 years. I worked with dozens of auction houses to obtain the images for the price guide, as well as outlined and edited the images for the book directly for the publisher, Hachette in New York. The 2023 guide includes over 3150 images. 

In addition to working on the images for the price guide, both print and online versions, I also designed ads for the back of the book, and work on marketing materials for the book for its promotion and release, including brochures, buck slip inserts, email blast graphics, and social media ads.

Antique Trader magazine featured story November 15, 2022

antique trader featuring terry kovel

Antique Trader magazine, November 15, 2022 issue.
Photo: Antique Trader

kovels antiques and collectibles price guide 2023

Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2023

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