Higgins Inks Features Ink Drawing

January 22, 2023

By Janet Dodrill

I am honored that Higgins Inks featured my figure study in Higgins brown ink on their Instagram page on January 20, 2023. I have been using their ink for years.

The ink drawing was created on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, in an October IG drawing challenge from model Lilian D’Mello’s “Liltober,” (@lilian.dmello @liltober.art )(similar to Inktober) where she provided a reference photo every day in the month of October. The corresponding prompt word for the day was ENDLESS. I participated in and completed every day of the challenge.

It is nice to be recognized for this ink drawing.

ink drawing by janet dodrill

Endless by Janet Dodrill, ink on paper, 6″ x 8″


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