Make Your Customers Dance by Marc A. Majers, Adds Beat to User Experience

August 29, 2021

By Janet Dodrill

make your customers dance book by marc a majers

Make Your Customers Dance: The Key To User Experience Is Knowing Your Audience, book by Marc A. Majers.

Have you ever been to a party or wedding with a DJ? They can energize a crowd and make the event a memorable experience for all.

Meet experienced DJ emcee turned web strategist, and you have Marc Majers, author of Make Your Customers Dance: The Key To User Experience Is Knowing Your Audience.

In this book all the heavy web strategies are addressed and discussed in detail. And to take it a step further, Marc compares the importance of each phase of building a website to that of setting up an event and getting ready to ‘spin’ some records. It adds a level of understanding and fun to what could be a complicated subject matter. The book tells us how to approach the website as a valuable part of your business, and the reader is drawn in by the comparison and the importance of planning and executing an event, engaging the participant, and creating something that can be taken away.

Because of Marc’s expertise as an information architect and digital strategist, he lists a great deal of content about content! And that is where we are in today’s content-driven web world. Everything that has been discussed in the past twenty or so years in the web industry is covered from a vast wealth of collective information from the tops in the field. Areas which include web visual and interface design, navigation and function, objectives, user centered design (UCD), user experience (UX), research and prototypes, analytics and evaluations, testing methods, and most importantly, how to begin.

If a DJ has the goal of keeping the dance floor packed, then wouldn’t it seem logical for a business owner to keep traffic coming to their site, engaging them when there, so they leave having had a good experience?

As a practicing web designer myself, I have known Marc for many years, and have seen him present complex topics to other web professionals, always coming well-prepared and delivering with knowledge and enthusiasm. He has always made what the experts in the field are saying available to his listeners. And I’ve have seen some of his well-structured websites in use. I was aware of his DJ-ing, but have not, until now, seen him combine his knowledge of web development with a light-hearted ‘twist’ on concept and approach.

Marc stresses the importance of knowing your audience, like the professional disc jockey is hired to manage a special event and must ‘tune in’ to the guests to give them what they are looking for in music to make them want to dance all night! With proper steps in building your web site you can satisfy your customers when they reach your web page and perhaps sell more than your competition, with potential of repeat business.

See what others see in your site and take it to the next level, with this recommended must-have publication.

Majers is also author of Don’t Fear The Forward,¬†a hands-on guide to building a successful website for those who may be having trouble getting started, with smart ways to get organized and move ahead.

Make Your Customers Dance: The Key To User Experience Is Knowing Your Audience is available on Amazon, a valuable resource for anyone involved in planning, building, or maintaining a web site.

recommended reading five stars

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Book: Don’t Fear The Forward by Marc Majers

December 3, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

Don't Fear The Forward, book by Marc A. Majers

Don't Fear The Forward, book by Marc A. Majers

Marc Majers has published a book on a simple step-by-step process for building and launching websites, called Don’t Fear The Forward.

He recently presented his perspective on the subject at CDPUG/GCPCUG Web SIG, which I attended. Marc used music (he also works as a music emcee), humor, and actual statistical data to back his information on usability and other measurable website criteria. Those who attended were lucky enough to receive a free ‘checklist’ which Marc stated is in the book, and is also a free download online.

“It is important”, Marc said, “to show people thoughts, ideas, and the (proposed) process, early on, and to get feedback.” In his overview he pulled stat reports from eMarketer, PEW Internet’s research on desktop to tablet to mobile browser comparisons, and offered resource links to information by web champions like Jakob Nielson, and other industry-relevant educational and government sites on usability, CSS, and HTML 5, and recommended the use of surveys, which are all important for support in building a website.

The checklist had steps for planning a website project, and each step was a separate category with tasks to do. Necessaries covered included defining your site goals and determining your audience, mapping out your site in a wireframe and finding logical places for things on the site and a way to navigate to them.

It is a good idea to put together a web committee to assist in the process from concept to completion. The content for the site comes later on in the process. How are you going to engage your users once they reach your site?

Marc spoke from a wealth of experience, with expertise in usability testing, working within the high selling environment of an online insurance company, and in a creatively-demanding arts institution with a diverse audience.

As with most web related topics presented today, he touched upon the use of focused searched engine keywords, SEO (optimization), SEM (marketing), SMS (messaging). Have you thought of acquiring an email source provider for managing and sending professional, scheduled email campaigns, as a next phase?

It is key that once a site is built following guidelines, like those outlined in Marc Majer’s book, it must be continually optimized for relevance and performance. This may be the website building manual you have been waiting for.

The book is available at:

Don’t Fear The Forward


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