Networking Essential in Downed Economy

September 21, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

Are you networking in this downed economy? There are many networking events available in light of the unemployed and under-employed, most of them free, that you can be taking advantage of.

Join a LinkedIn Group or Facebook Group, or a professional organization of interest to you to hear about networking events, also look on community or professional web sites, or read your local newspaper.

Take plenty of business cards with you, and always have one handy when you go out.

Follow-up with new contacts within 24 hours of meeting them as a courtesy.

New business relationships start with meeting them, and getting to know them. Be a good listener, and learn their needs.

Do you have clients already, and have you been nurturing those relationships? It is wise to rekindle professional relationships with your existing customers, and touch base with them on a regularly scheduled basis.

Whether you own your own business, are employed, or are looking for a job…network, network, network.