Antique Trader Magazine features Terry Kovel and Kovels’ 2023 Price Guide

December 1, 2022

By Janet Dodrill

The November 15, 2022 issue of Antique Trader magazine features the 55th edition of Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2023, and Kovels ( business owner, Terry Kovel. 

I took the photograph of Terry Kovel for the magazine cover and an inside picture of her holding a teapot. 

Terry is my boss at Kovels and I have been very involved with the book for 12 years. I worked with dozens of auction houses to obtain the images for the price guide, as well as outlined and edited the images for the book directly for the publisher, Hachette in New York. The 2023 guide includes over 3150 images. 

In addition to working on the images for the price guide, both print and online versions, I also designed ads for the back of the book, and work on marketing materials for the book for its promotion and release, including brochures, buck slip inserts, email blast graphics, and social media ads.

Antique Trader magazine featured story November 15, 2022

antique trader featuring terry kovel

Antique Trader magazine, November 15, 2022 issue.
Photo: Antique Trader

kovels antiques and collectibles price guide 2023

Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2023

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Trashed is Graphic Novel by John Backderf “Derf”

January 22, 2016

By Janet Dodrill

Cartoonist 'Derf' finds a pen to prepare for book signing. Behind him a drawing of garbage bags which appears in his graphic novel, Trashed.

Cartoonist ‘Derf’ finds a pen to prepare for book signing. Behind him a drawing of garbage bags which appears in his graphic novel, Trashed.

On January 10th, award-winning cartoonist, John Backderf (aka Derf), appeared at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst branch of Cuyahoga County Public Library, where he discussed his latest graphic novel, Trashed.

Trashed, although fiction, is based on Derf’s brief experience as a garbageman in the 1970s in Bath, Ohio. He is known for his comic strip The City, which has appeared in more than 100 newspapers, and his last graphic novel, My Friend Dahmer, was an international best-seller.

Books were available for purchase by local Cleveland bookstore, Mac’s Backs-Books, and Derf signed and created drawings in patron’s books after the presentation.

The library has (non-renewable ‘sizzler’) copies of the 250-page new graphic novel, Trashed, available for loan as well. I borrowed a copy, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Derf meticulously drew and authored each page. He said on a good day he was able to create four pages, first in pencil, then in ink. The book took a couple years to produce and publish. Not only was the story funny and insightful on the life of a garbage collector, but facts about the world garbage situation from E.P.A. reports and Cornell studies were added to inform the reader. It was very eye-opening.

I highly recommend borrowing or purchasing (retail $18.95) a copy for the purpose of being entertained. The ‘garbage facts’ in the book find a way to almost encourage the reader to perhaps take a stand on the issues for a better future.

Resource Links:

Derfcity Comics LLC

The library's event web page for Derf on Trashed.

The library’s event web page for Derf on Trashed.



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Joe Pulizzi On Latest Book, Content Inc.

December 24, 2015

By Janet Dodrill

The Web Association welcomed Joe Pulizzi, Founder and CEO Content Marketing Institute.

The Web Association welcomed Joe Pulizzi, Founder and CEO Content Marketing Institute.

Last month, I heard Joe Pulizzi (@CMIContent), Founder and CEO Content Marketing Institute, speak at The Web Association, held at COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) in Cleveland, Ohio. He speaks on a regular basis (He noted that ours was his 71st presentation of 2015!), and has authored several books including bestselling Epic Content Marketing.

Joes Pulizzi points out ways to connect and engage on both a personal and professional level.

Joes Pulizzi points out ways to connect and engage on both a personal and professional level.

Joe discussed his newly published book, Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses, which is sold on Amazon.

Using the Content Inc. model, he reviewed the many forms of engaging through social media: social blogs, wikis, video, rating, social bookmarking, internet forums, pictures, microblogging, weblogs, and podcasts.

It was stated that the importance of communicating through the creation and distribution of your own information to build audiences is key.

A few highlights of his talk included these points:

  • Create your mission statement: have a defined audience, deliver, then measure the audience outcome.
  • Establish your content type and platform, deliver consistently over a long period of time, i.e. e-newsletter.
  • Loyal customers can mean increased product sales and revenue.

He pointed out ways to engage socially on both a personal and business level. Personal avenues include blogs, books and public speaking, whereas business methods could be digital media, print (yes, it still a valued form of communication), and in-person contact.


-Find a niche and become a leading expert
-Develop your content mission
-Focus on content type, platform and delivery consistently
-Build an audience of opt-in subscribers
-Create an amazing e-newsletter and download
-Audience first, products second
-Be patient!

In his book, Content Inc., Joe breaks down the process to visualize, launch and monetize your own business, based on his own success and failures. This is explained through case studies.

Are you looking for a startup-business strategy? Perhaps kick-off the new year with his business-growing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute website is full of good information, plus there is an email news sign-up and podcast network. Also be sure to watch the 43-minute movie which explains how the marketing of the future is all about brands telling stories, in “The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing.”


Me with Joe Pulizzi!

Me with Joe Pulizzi!

Joe Pilluzi's book, Content Inc. (Joe likes the color orange and orange shoes!).

Joe Pilluzi’s book, Content Inc. (Joe likes the color orange and orange shoes!).

"Janet, go out and be epic!" – Joe Pulizzi (signed in Joe's favorite color -- orange).

“Janet, go out and be epic!” – Joe Pulizzi (signed in Joe’s favorite color — orange).

A great feature for your business website is an email signup, like that on the Content Marketing Institute site.

A great feature for your business website is an email signup, like that on the Content Marketing Institute site.

COSE, Council of Smaller Enterprises, a division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

COSE, Council of Smaller Enterprises, a division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

‘In The 216’ Gift Shop

May 19, 2015

By Janet Dodrill

In The 216 gift shop.

In The 216 gift shop.

In The 216 gift shop, which offers locally and Ohio made art and handmade products by local artisans and fine artists, opened in January 2015 and is located in Coventry Village. Store owner Jenny Goe began selling her jewelry at Coventry’s free outdoor summer concert series, and now manages the work of over 40 local artists who sell their wears in her shop. Everything is made in the state of Ohio.

Merchandise includes T-shirts, glass items and jewelry, ceramics, handmade soap, paintings and prints, pillows, and many other creative treasures.

This week I brought some of my note cards, prints and gift bags there for consignment. My original design themes include Cleveland skylines and landscapes, carousel horses of the Euclid Beach Carousel, and naturescapes from the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes. Most of the images are iPad photo art, manipulated using art apps with photographs.

In The 216 Grand Opening Celebration is Thursday, May 28 at 6:00 – 10:00 p.m., 1854 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118, (216) 862-4830.

In The 216 gift shop community doodle wall

In The 216 gift shop community doodle wall.

In The 216 gift shop

In The 216 gift shop.

In The 216 gift shop, artisan items made in Ohio

In The 216 gift shop, artisan items made in Ohio.

Resource Links:

In The 216 Grand Opening Celebration

In The 216 on Facebook

Local woman opens ‘In the 216’ shop in Coventry Village

In the 216 Opens Retail Storefront in Coventry Village

Local woman opens ‘In the 216’ shop in Coventry Village

Jenny Goe launches new all-Cleveland retail store: In The 216 on Coventry

New shop on Coventry features works by local artists

Buy/Sell Art Images Online

March 28, 2015

By Janet Dodrill

Artists, Photographers, Designers! Are you selling your images online? There’s a community online of people selling their images at I created a shop at and am still adding to it. A variety of items are available for purchase from each image and pricing can be determined, plus, the rights to the images remain your own. Up to 25 images can be posted for free. does the rest, output of the image, any matting and framing or assemblage, shipping and billing. And satisfaction guaranteed!

In addition to unframed prints and matted and framed prints, my shop offers images on greeting cards, metal or acrylic, pillows and iPhone cases. Visit my shop, or browse and get inspired! You can even create a shop of your own.

Profile page and art images at

Profile page and art images at

Jack Dorsey Was Here

March 6, 2013

By Janet Dodrill

jack dorsey at cleveland clinic

Jack Dorsey at Cleveland Clinic’s Ideas for Tomorrow Speaker Series.

Last week I was honored to hear Jack Dorsey speak in an interview with Toby Cosgrove, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Cleveland Clinic, at the Clinic’s Ideas for Tomorrow Speaker Series. Jack is creator, co-founder, and executive chairman of Twitter, Inc. social networking feed and the co-founder and CEO of Square, Inc., a device which enables mobile credit card payments via iPhone or iPad.

The one-hour informal talk gave us insight on Jack’s ideas that lead to Twitter, like an interest in mass transit and developing a means for emergency workers, taxis and couriers to communicate in real time. Jack’s early creativity included some formal training in art and design. He initially sketched ideas for Twitter’s process and Square’s user interface, and currently works at both companies, Twitter headquartered in San Francisco, and Square in New York City.

The Twitter name went through some early word-smithing, starting as Jitter and then Twitch. Did you know that Twitter is still banned in Syria, Iran and China? I believe in the usefulness of Twitter and have been tweeting nearly five years now!

According to Jack, only 8 million small businesses today can accept credit cards, and 26 million small businesses can’t. Square charges a flat 2.75% fee, which is less than most online merchant banks charge, and has created a huge opportunities for small businesses to use this product for their customers to make payments. I was at a holiday art bazaar a couple months ago and one vendor was using the Square on an iPad for customers purchasing their lama socks and hats.

Square currently holds a lot of potential for money-less and hands-free purchasing, and he gave an example, using Square Wallet app linked to a credit card and GPS, of walking into a Starbucks and our face and favorite coffee comes up on the register and is ordered before we have even reached the counter! A push feature could ask us about a tip. We could just give the cashier our name, and leave our mobile phone in our pocket or our purse.

He is active in community organizations, has about 1000 followers including his mom and her dog, as well as some authors, and tweets his breakfast most days to show his mom that he’s eating (she checks this)! I was inspired by Jack Dorsey and his brilliance. He was asked if he was more artist or entrepreneur, and he hesitantly answered, “Artist, but you can never really call yourself one, people have to look at your work!”

Jack Dorsey: Ideas for Tomorrow Speaker Series (Full Program) video


Recent tweets by Jack Dorsey about a Cleveland Clinic video he was touched by:

@jack RT @ClevelandClinic: “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Thoreau |
Mar 4

@jack A brilliant video from @ClevelandClinic about empathy and putting the patient (or customer) first.
Mar 1

Vine App, Brings 6-Second Video to Twitter

January 27, 2013

By Janet Dodrill

Three days ago Vine was launched, a six-second video creator social media app, acquired by Twitter.

vine on twitter

The Vine App’s Twitter Page.

This will open up creative ways for Twitter users to tell a short story visually, in addition to the brief 140-character micro-logging allotment they currently have.

Currently only available for iPhone and iPod Touch, Vine (@vineapp) hopes to have an Android version, in addition to bug fixes and enhancements shortly. It is currently available free at the App Store.

Jack Dorsey (@jack), Twitter creator and Square founder recently endorsed Vine by posting tweets utilizing Vine videos and stated on January 24, 2013 about Vine, “…This one’s going to be big.”

jack dorsey twitter tweet 1-24-2013

Jack’s tweet on January 24, 2013.

The user-generated looping videos are anticipated to only improve in time, after the initial novelty has worn off and learning curve overcome.

Below are some recent articles and links of interest, which review the app and explain how to use it, with several showing examples of the videos created with Vine.

Introducing Vine (Vine Blog)

Vine: A new way to share (Twitter Blog)

Seconds of pleasure: A few cool Vine videos (CNN Tech)

Twitter’s Vine App: How to Use It (PC Magazine)

6 ways Vine’s six seconds may change Twitter (CNN Tech)


Recent Vine News, April 2013:

Vine Is the Top Free iPhone App (Mashable)

‘Vine Resume’ Woman Gets a Job (Mashable)

Holiday Art Sale Schedule 2012

October 12, 2012

By Janet Dodrill

Come see me at Concordia Lutheran Church Fall Bazaar, 6705 Brecksville Rd., Independence, OH 44131, Saturday, October 27, 2012, 9am-3pm. I’ll be selling original matted and framed prints, art prints, note cards, mini paintings, and pillows.

I will be participating in the St. Dominic Holiday Boutique, St. Dominic School, 19000 Van Aken Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122, Saturday, December 1, 2012, 10am-3pm.

Vintage Button Wreath Ornament by Janet Dodrill

Mini Oil Painting by Janet Dodrill

Mini Oil Painting
by Janet Dodrill

Artist’s Quilts

June 27, 2012

By Janet Dodrill


The historic New Union Center for the Arts

A short distance from Cleveland lies Oberlin, Ohio, a charming college town, with a quaint town square filled with shops, restaurants, and museums. I recently visited an exhibit there, “The Artist as Quiltmaker XV” at FAVA (Firelands Association for the Visual Arts) in the historic New Union Center for the Arts, which runs through July 29, 2012.

artist-as quiltmaker-exhibit

The Artist as Quiltmaker XV

The contemporary artist’s quilt exhibit was impressive, and the work diverse in its visual impact and creativity, subject matter, and in technique–using dyes, applique and multimedia, using stitching wizardry both by machine and by hand. The artists represented are from all over the country.

Enjoy these selected artist’s quilt images from the show:


Susan Krueger, Fields, 2011
…inspiration from flying over France and Italy


Sibyl Graber Gerig, Mid-Winter Field, 2011
…capturing afternoon light in mid-winter


May Schonenberger, Dusk, 2011
…using images from my home country, Switzerland


Dusk (Detail)


Mary Ann Weber, Primordial Slime, 2010
…as I meditated, I saw lizards crawling over primordial slime and rocks


Marian Zielinski, 55 Worlds, 2009 (Detail)
…the infinite and undefinable quilt of the universe and my own human perceptual limitations


Marianne R. Willamson, Babbling Brook, 2011 (Detail)
…the movement, and the transparency of the water intrigue me

Be Your Best in Business

August 26, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

Are you doing everything you can to grow a successful business? By being self-employed, doing some things could put you in a better position to get work, grow your business, and acquire and retain the right employees. Katherine Miracle of Miracle Resources gave an inspiring presentation tonight to CDPUG members at Virginia Marti College of Art & Design on Cleveland’s west side. Her best advice is to read the book, “The Successful Business Plan”, by Rhonda Abrams.

A few things covered were, that, as business owners, we need: money to start the business, a good networking source, self-confidence, and a role model/mentor. Also, we need an accountant and attorney to stay legal. When selling our company and services, we need to inform what sets us apart from the competition and state how the potential customer could benefit by using us. Do we have an operations plan for the business, in case we are away, so things can run as usual? What criteria do we have for hiring, and are we prepared to resolve internal employee-related problems, as well as client-related problems?

How much profit are we making on projects and are we tracking our income and expenses monthly? Do we have money set aside for a business emergency, and are we always asking for a deposit on projects, and/or receiving progress payments?

It may be a good idea to communicate regularly with your client to give them a project status, even if it is in a short email. Build alliances with other designers in the event of overflow work to subcontract out or accept in.

Review projects well to avoid mistakes and to keep costs in check.

Stay flexible with this economy and be prepared to reinvent yourself and your offerings to stay appealing and relevant. Get opinions and feedback.

Most importantly, be good to yourself and get what you need each day, and each week. This will help you to be the best you can.