Parrots Life Drawing

November 30, 2020

Another amazing life drawing session, and this time with a ‘Parrots’ theme with Macaws, Cockatoos and Parakeets with the special online event produced by The Henley on Thames School of Art and Oakley and Crew. Birds were shown flying, landing, sitting on perches, walking on the ground, and an unexpected trick at the session end, and was held on November 27, 2020.

Below are highlights of my drawings from the session.

There are more online animal life drawing sessions scheduled for December 2020, featuring Wild Mountain Gorillas, Draft Horses, and Reindeer at Artists are welcome to join!

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parrot and cockatoo drawing by janet dodrill macaw drawing by janet dodrill parrot drawing by janet dodrill parrot drawing by janet dodrill parakeet drawing by janet dodrill