Details in Everyday Hustle Worth Realizing

March 5, 2010

By Janet Dodrill

Hannah Building Elevator, Cleveland, OH

View from rear lobby in the Hannah Building, looking out onto E. 14th Street & Prospect Avenue

For the past few weeks I worked on a project in downtown Cleveland at the Hannah Building, 1422 Euclid Avenue. This time of year there has been extreme weather conditions, snow and cold, and in addition to traveling to my destination, I had to navigate and locate a place for suitable parking, finding a nearby open lot. Coming from and having worked mostly in the suburbs, I am not city-savvy. So the big adventure of each day, the necessary punctuality, and the chin-sinking wind had me hurrying to work, out of the car, and scurrying down the city sidewalk and into a rear entrance of building on East 14th Street through a revolving door. Then a ‘hello’ to the guard, and up the elevator to my assigned office.

Lighting fixture at the Hannah Building

It wasn’t until the 10th day on the project that I saw one of the three sets of gorgeous elevator doors before me, and later the grand fixtures in this back lobby of this classy nostalgic building. It raised the value of the whole experience and caused me to smile and lift my chin before stepping onto it for the three days to follow.