Facebook is Ever-Evolving

May 29, 2011

By Janet Dodrill

It seems like Facebook is always adding features and changing privacy settings. There are personal pages and professional pages. Do you have a, or more than one, professional page? Here are some recent articles and links to teach you more and help stay up-to-speed:

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Resources: www.mashable.com, www.facebook.com, www.cleveland.com, Facebook Page/Mark Hull

Members’ Stories on Fire by ‘Ignite’ Presentations

June 4, 2010

By Janet Dodrill

Presenting in the Ignite-style

Presenting in the Ignite-style

During our last meeting of Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG), we held our 6th annual CDPUG May Show, where members display their professional work. The group, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and professional development for digital publishers (including graphic designers, web designers, photographers, and writers) in its 23rd year, has a dedicated volunteer staff and board.

This year member presentations left behind tables of printed brochures and portfolios, and laptops running slide shows to a trendy and popular Ignite format (www.igniteshow.com). The website explains the structure of stand-up presentations on a big screen of 20 slides per person with 15 seconds of talking time per slide, for a total of 5 minutes time. Recommended application formats were PowerPoint, Keynote, or Acrobat PDF (for which I created mine using Adobe Bridge, exporting to PDF). There are many interesting videos on the website to view and enjoy, and they were a big help in preparing.

I participated, and rather than giving a standard portfolio show, I presented ‘a year in my life’ which included my basic education and passions, challenges and obstacles overcome with the poor economy, benefits of networking and newly acquired clients for my sole proprietorship freelance graphic and web design business, recent interests and achievements including creating fine art works and displaying and selling it, and current projects I am working on. The time went quickly.

Each individual had an interesting spin to their show, and though the Ignite format was strict, it allowed each member to be creative and tell a story which was entertaining and enlightening. It was a success and I hope we continue to use Ignite in the future.

(Photo by Henry Lee)

Three Worthwhile Things…

October 28, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

When I think of what things bring value to my life and satisfy my soul the list goes on and on. But, three worthwhile things I have done this year are:

1) Obtain a volunteer internship
2) Volunteer for a position at a professional organization
3) Create a piece of original art

I have been privileged to intern regularly at an evolving Cleveland urban start-up charter school. Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E Prep) is part of the Zealous Schools, and in working in their development office I get to experience first hand the nurturing and cultivating of a successful venture which has transformed underachievers into exemplary students grades 6-8, high ranking in Ohio math and reading test scores. This is having a positive effect on the community and neighborhood.

Having been a member of Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group for 13 years, this year has been special because of serving as president. It has enabled me to provide input at an already established organization with membership surpassing 100 consisting of graphic arts, photography, writing, video and web development industry professionals. It has been a pleasure to serve with some of its friendly members on their Board, and has given me exposure as a member and freelance designer, as well as presentation experience.

Recently, I created an original piece of artwork to enter into a juried art show, and was also fortunate to be selected to exhibit. Because of the deadline I stayed motivated and on track with designing and producing the piece, a linoleum cut print. The process stimulated my creative desires and I learned the printmaker’s demands required of both producing an appealing image as well as a technically good print. It required a lot of discipline but has already lead to my start of another print.

These things have been very rewarding to me this year, and there are many things like this — the best part being that I am aware of these good things and open to the new experiences.

Pre-High School and Already at 100 Percent College Bound Enrollment

August 13, 2009

By Janet Dodrill

What is the value of a college education? At Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E Prep), a recently-opened (2006) public charter school in urban Cleveland, Ohio, it is their mission to have each of its students one day graduate from college. Teachers strategically instill a sense of duty while nurturing high expectations among pupils in its structured program. Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Courage, Perseverance are the school’s keys to success.

The middle school accommodates grades 6 through 8, and graduating 8th graders are considered graduates by the year they will potentially graduate from college. Classroom doors display themes decorated by teachers of their own college alma maters. Entrepreneurship is also emphasized in the curriculum, as students write business plans which they share with peers in structured settings. Additionally test scores rate high at state levels in multiple categories.

Students choose E Prep School as a free option through the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which includes children from surrounding Northeast Ohio suburbs. Admissions are determined by a lottery system. Preparatory School (Village Prep) has just been developed and is available for Kindergartners, soon offering programming through the 5th grade. These schools are in the network of the Zealous Schools.

For additional information contact the school’s Admissions office at 216-456-2082 or visit the web site at www.eprepschool.org.